Friday, December 19, 2014

A Very Cricut Christmas - My (Unofficial) Cricut Explore Review Part 1!

It's been quite the week of Christmas crafting around here, hasn't it?!? As I mentioned on Wednesday, this week has been all about making gifts for school buddies and neighborhood friends....and I am excited to pop on here at the end of the week to show you what I've been up to. But beyond just showing you what I've made, I wanted to share my thoughts about my Christmas present to myself: a Cricut Explore. I know, I know. Those of you who read a lot of home decor and craft blogs might be rolling your eyes because you've heard enough about the new Cricut machine. However, I like to share things that I love and use all the time with you, this review is completely unofficial (Cricut doesn't know me from Adam and certainly didn't pay for my new machine!) so I am going to be as real as I can about my experiences so far! 

Christmas Cricut Projects-005

There are a million reviews out there of the Explore that talk about the new fancy blade, it's quietness, its ease of setup and is versatility (which I've found all to be true!!). But I've been most taken aback with the dramatic changes between the Cricut Expressions II machine and the Explore. As a relatively long-time Cricut user (whose had her shares of frustrations with the company and brand), I wanted to share the ways this machine has impressed me so far (and spoiler alert: it really has impressed me!)

First off...why I went Team Cricut again (after swearing I never would!). Just over two years ago, I bought a Cricut Expressions II, and at the time, it was Cricut's "latest and greatest" machine. This was just before the Silhouette Cameo became "the" machine to own...and all-too-quickly I started watching my sister, friends, and bloggers all over the web create awesome things with the Silhouette that I couldn't make with my Cricut. Not willing to jump ship so quickly, I stood by my Expressions II, successfully making a ton of projects in this home and for other people. While I strongly craved being able to create and cut my own designs and fonts, I just wasn't ready to abandon my 20+ Cricut cartridges (with great images) that I owned and loved or my new and expensive machine. Over time, however, I became increasingly frustrated by the lack of dependability, versatility and flexibility in my Cricut Expressions II. To be clear, I had no issue cutting images from the cartridges themselves. My frustrations mainly laid in trying to customize designs and do more with them. The software (Cricut Craft Room) was bad, the cutting was undependable, and the customer service reps were exasperating. I began avoiding the machine because it was too cumbersome, and I found my inability to design and cut with ease beyond frustrating. 

I read all the Cricut Explore reviews and the promotions over the last few months and was still a bit skeptical...but when the Black Friday deals were too good to pass up, I actually went for it. I decided to give Cricut another try for two main reasons: 1) the reviews were REALLY good (they got me: hook, line and sinker); and more over 2) the machine would allow me to use my beloved cartridges while still allowing me to cut any images I owned or bought! Sold. I bought the machine with two sets of pens, the deep-cut blade and the bluetooth wireless adapter for $250. 

The Setup. It's true what other bloggers are saying. The setup out of the box was quick and simple. I actually let the machine sit in its box for about 2 weeks before opening it, too overwhelmed to dive in before Christmas. I decided on a whim to open it up last week and was shocked to find myself up and cutting within an hour. 

My Cricut Account. Everything that I had synced to Cricut Craft Room appears in the new website, which is wonderful. I am having some issues changing my account information (like my email address and other personal information); for some reason it just won't save. Also, my "Linked Cartridges" isn't populated nor is my current image subscription, which I've both used and updated recently. These aren't huge problems, but it's frustrating all the same. These type of nuisance issue are reminiscent of my old frustrations with Cricut.  

The Bluetooth Wireless Adapter. Worth.every.single.penny.  I could stop there, but I'll elaborate. My Cricut Explore is on the clear other side of the room from my computer, but I am able to cut without any trouble. I LOVE that I don't have to have the machine connected to my computer and have cords running everywhere. It makes sitting down, designing and cutting super efficient. Every now and then, the bluetooth will become un-synced from the computer, but my suspicion is that it's because the machine is about 13+ feet from the computer. After a few re-tries, I'm re-synced and ready to roll.

Linking Cartridges. I was able to quickly and easily link (most) cartridges I own directly to the software, allowing me to use those images without having to pay or subscribe OR insert the cartridge anytime I use the image. Now, all my cartridges and books and keypads are stored away, and I no longer need to access them on regular basis. Three cheers for Cricut going all digital #finally! Some of my cartridges had a hard time linking; I suspect, again, that it had something to do with the Bluetooth and the physical distance between my machine and the computer. I still have a few I never got to sync...I need to investigate more and will keep you posted! Like the account thing above - not a huge deal, but a bit annoying for a brand new machine/software.

Design Space. The new online-only (I think) design software is a world better than Cricut Craft Room, in my opinion. While it took a little bit to get used to, I watched the plethora of well-made official Cricut tutorials and was up and running in no time. I feel like in just a week, I am a pro at the software - and that's not because I'm super savvy, it's because the software is pretty intuitive.  I honestly thought I would have to spend a ton of time learning a new program just to get cutting. But honestly, I was up and running in no time at all! There are a few functions that feel really new, and some functions (like autofill) are seemingly missing, but I am learning how new functions fill those gaps. The software functions completely unlike the old Cricut machines, which is refreshing and liberating!

Searching for Images. I hinted at this above, but I LOVE searching for images in the image database by search/keyword rather than having to look through all my booklets. I can't tell you how many times I've had to page through all my booklets just to find the perfect flower for a particular project. The image keywords seem to be enhanced, and I love the way each image shows whether you own it or not. Having all my images at my fingertips and accessible through a simple keyword search is HUGE!

My Favorite Thing So Far? The layers for every image automatically populate. My friends, this is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER. If you are a Cricut user, then you know selecting all the right layers for all the details in an image using the shift keys (and more!) was laborious and often frustrating. Getting sizes right and keeping colors straight was enough to make your head spin! Now, you select an image, and it loads onto your "canvas" with all the layers populated. You can change colors, edit the images, delete out layers, size all the layers at once, and more with no trouble at all. All those adorable Disney images with all the intricate layers and multiple colors? Before I'd say "no way." Now I say, "no problem." What's even better is that the machine automatically tells you when to load certain colors, which makes getting the images to turn out just right practically seamless. This one feature alone has me completely smitten. In just a week, I went from never using my old Cricut, to using my new one for anything and everything. It's that quick and simple to do!

Okay - enough of me blabbering already, right? Want to see what I made just this week alone? 

I started easy. I wanted to get a feel for the machine and how inserting images worked. At first, I was a little confused by the whole layers thing (that I just raved about above) because it's just SO different than how previous Cricut machines have worked. I made these he- and she-reindeer goodie bags for Henry's school buddies. If you look closely, I simply cut 10 of all the same pieces, then just moved the bow around to be either a bow-tie or a hair bow. In less than an hour, I designed, cut and glued 10 goodie bags together.

My impressions with this first project: 
  • The machine is SUPER quiet so I won't wake up the three-year-old sleeping next door.
  • This machine is reliable - I can walk away without worrying that the machine will stop or get caught.
  • I LOVE that the computer tells me what color paper to put in next. Distracted-Megan-proof!
Christmas Cricut Projects-004

Excited that this machine was seemingly as easy and reliable as bloggers were saying it was, I decided to really put it through the works as I made a bunch of holiday gifts and crafts. Now, I obviously haven't gotten to everything this machine can do in this first week, but as I get to more things, I'll be sure to share them with you here! 

Next up, I wanted to try the pens! For some reason, I was super nervous to try the pens in the machine. Again, years of frustrating experiences left me skeptical, and I just didn't want to try anything that would disappoint me or make me feel like I wasted my money again. I watched a few online tutorials, designed my own label, and then cut AND wrote out some simple yet adorable tags for little gifts Henry is giving to his classmates. My old machine would have tripped up over all those small trees, leaving ragged and unsightly edges...but this machine really had no trouble. I couldn't believe my eyes how clean the cuts really were. Then...the pen wrote those cute letters with precision. And I stood there in awe. 

My impressions with this second project:
  • The $10/month subscription is seemingly worth it (so far!). I wanted "bag topper" labels for these little sticker kits. A quick search yielded dozens of images I could alter and edit to be exactly what I wanted. LOVE that I will never have to look through all my Cricut booklets again (have I mentioned that already? ;)
  • The pens are a game changer. Never again will I have to print wording from my printer and then figure out how to cut around the words with the Cricut. This one does it all in one step, and it's amazing. As I made these, I told my husband I was doing something "magical." 
Christmas Cricut Projects-002
Christmas Cricut Projects-003

The final few things I made this week were some water bottles for Henry's best little buddies. I found these awesome and fun water bottles at Marshalls and knew the kids would get a kick out of the twisty straws. I then set out to pick images for each child from the image database and even added their names to the bottles in different fonts, all using vinyl. I designed all three water bottles at the same time, on the same screen/canvas. The software then allowed me to play around with the sizing and colors in order to get just the right look for the bottles and make the most efficient use of my cuts and vinyl. There are 6 different colors of vinyl across these three bottles. The program organized the cuts, prompting me when to feed which color into the machine. "Plug and play" is the best way to describe it. It told me to load blue, so I loaded blue. It cut the blue then prompted me to load the next color. 

And a word about the cutting: this blade is really great. The machine got almost all those little teeny detailed cuts perfectly. I will say, there was some "pulled up" vinyl while cutting some of Elsa's intricate details, but all in all...the precision with this machine is pretty amazing. I don't fear cutting small or detailed images anymore!

My impressions with this final project:
  • Cutting all the intricate layers within a detailed design is NO problem!
  • Wow, this really is quick and easy to use. Once I finalized the designs, each bottle came together in less than 10 minutes. Seriously.
  • I need to practice my layering - I didn't quite get some of them centered just right!
Christmas Cricut Projects-001

Guys, I realize as a blogger, I am giving Cricut a big ol' free commercial here. And while it somewhat pains me to do that, I wrote this review for a few reasons. 

1) I've been a frustrated Cricut user for a while and maybe some of you are too. Maybe some of you are waiting to see if this machine is all it's hyped up to be or if it will be another Cricut fumble. I thought it was valuable to tell you in a completely un-biased, non-sponsored way that this machine is pretty legit. I was skeptical, but now I'm swooning over this machine like everyone else. And I'm back to making some pretty cool things using some of my beloved Cricut images!

2) I'm really impressed with Cricut. I feel like they really stepped back, listened to the consumer and set out to design a machine that offered crazy functionality in a dependable fashion while still remaining true to their brand (awesome images with intricate and lovely details).  The machine and software feel fresh, current and well-thought out. I am sure the Explore is not hiccup free, but in my 8 days of using it, its quality has shown through time and time again. 

Gosh - sorry for such a long-winded post here at the end of the week. Honestly, it's been a long one for me, cranking about a bunch of posts, projects and gifts here at the end of the year. I am ready to unplug this weekend and get some major holiday shopping done (anyone else a last-minute shopper?). If you have any thoughts, questions or concerns about the new Cricut Explore...I'd love to hear them. I hope to follow-up this post with more reviews and projects as I learn my way through the tutorials and functions! More to come, my friends! More to come!

Have a fantastic weekend! See you back here Monday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pencil Starburst Wreath

Happy Hump Day, friends! Hope you are having a good week and are slowly but surely getting ready for Christmas, which is week away! I still have a bit of shopping to finish up but I have all my final gifts planned out so I should be in good shape! This week, I've been knocking out neighbor, teacher and friend gifts right and left. These are some of my favorite kinds of gifts to put together because I don't like to spend a ton of money (because let's be honest, it adds up!), but I still want to give gifts that are unique, thoughtful and special. I am super excited to share today's project: a starburst wreath I  made out of Christmas pencils (!!!) for Henry's pre-school teacher. I've been leaking sneak peeks over on Instagram over the last week because I was just loving putting this together. I am SO smitten with the final result, I almost want to keep it for myself!

Pencil Starburst Wreath-001

This pencil wreath is a twist on the pencil wreaths you tend to see around the new school year. The holiday colors on the pencils make it fun, whimsical, and oh-so-perfect for a teacher!

Pencil Starburst Wreath-002

This idea was born when I stumbled upon these sets of 10 Christmas pencils in the Target Dollar Spot (of course!). I snagged 6 packages, sure that would be enough (ha!). I also picked up a 6" wood round (found in the floral department) and a die-cut snowflake, both from Michaels. All together, this wreath came in at about $10!!

Pencil Starburst Wreath-003

I started by painting the wooden round bright red...

Pencil Starburst Wreath-004

...and the snowflake teal blue!

Pencil Starburst Wreath-005

While my paint dried, I separated out my pencils and started to play with various design options, ultimately landing on the pattern of green:blue:red:blue:green.

Pencil Starburst Wreath-006
Pencil Starburst Wreath-007

To ensure all the pencils were glued at the same "height" around the circle, I marked a one inch line on all the green pencils with a sharpie.

Pencil Starburst Wreath-008

I then hot glued all the pencils around the back of the wooden circle, the green pencils inset one inch, the blue pencils butted up to the circle's edge, and the red nestled in between the blues...all with erasers pointing out. The hot glue was awesome at securing the pencils to the wood quickly and securely! I haven't had a one pop off!

Pencil Starburst Wreath-009

I wanted to add some dimension to the wreath with the remaining pencils. Using a hack saw and miter box, I trimmed two inches off the end of each pencil and then sharpened each one to a point (yes, with a manual sharpener :/ )

Pencil Starburst Wreath-010

I then hot glued the pencils to the front of the wooden round. This time the erasers were toward the center, with the points facing out. (Notice the opening at the top...I ran out of pencils and Target was out when I went back for more. It's not a huge deal since the snowflake covers it up...but if you make this, 7 packages of pencils would be ideal!)

Pencil Starburst Wreath-011

I finished off the wreath by securing the blue snowflake to the front of the wreath/pencils with Gorilla Glue Super Glue. I chose this over hot glue because 1) it's super strong glue, and 2) since this was the front of the wreath, I didn't want globs of hot glue leaking out!

Pencil Starburst Wreath-012

The last step was to string some red twine through the hole on the blue snowflake...

Pencil Starburst Wreath-013

...and hang it up!

Pencil Starburst Wreath-014

I actually made those cone wreaths 3 years ago and had them in my Christmas stash. I dug them out to style these photos and just couldn't get over how well everything worked together. Like I said, I sorta wanted to keep this on display in my own house ;)

Pencil Starburst Wreath-015

I'm thinking I should maybe take a step back from my holiday decor more often because I am loving all these fun Christmas crafts this year! On Friday, I'll show you the little gifts we've whipped up for school and neighborhood buddies! See you then!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Silver and Gold Holiday Home

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend getting shopping, cooking, baking, caroling, crafting and more holiday activities checked off your list! We made some headway on a project that's been hanging over my head for a month now (sneak peek here!) and had some good family time, so it was a good one all around! And...we had a nice sunny weekend, so I was also able to spend yesterday capturing our holiday home for you guys! 

As I've been mentioning for the past week or so, I had a bit of a tough time getting into the holiday spirit (at least decor-wise) this year. The past two years, I have gone all out decorating every single space in our home...spending loads of time and money to create a Christmas wonderland inside our house. For me, with excessive holiday decor comes a good bit of anxiety (so much glitter and clutter?!?!?! And where do I put everything I cleared out to make space for holiday stuff?!?!?) This year, I started pulling down the bins and found my anxiety I stepped back, re-assessed, took away the pressures of having our home look a certain way, and just went with what I was feeling. 

As much as I LOVED my Christmas decor of the past two years, this year I couldn't handle all the color, and I found myself reaching instead for my more subtle and neutral accents. All the colored accessories went back to the attic, and I landed on a shimmery, classy, festive yet calming scheme for this year: white, gold and silver! Everything I used this year were projects and finds over the last two years. I loved that I didn't have to make or buy a single thing and could still put together a lovely holiday home!

Over behind our front door is a bookcase that I style as our mantel. White and silver trees, silver glittered pinecones, a glittered dear, glittered letters and a silver wreath come together to make a dazzling display. 

Holiday Home Tour 2014-001
Holiday Home Tour 2014-002
Holiday Home Tour 2014-003
Holiday Home Tour 2014-004
Holiday Home Tour 2014-005

Silver tree: Marshalls / White trees: DIY / Glittered pinecones: DIY / Silver & pinecone wreath: Target end-of-season clearance / "Believe": DIY / Glittered reindeer: New River Pottery / Silver ornaments: Dollar Store

Our tree is nothing special yet is has such a classic look this year! We covered the tree in extra lights and then wrapped it in silver deco-mesh and silver strands of beads...then loaded up with every white, silver, and gold ornament we had! We LOVE our finial topper!

Holiday Home Tour 2014-006
Holiday Home Tour 2014-007

Tree skirt: DIY / Gold sleigh: Mom's basement / Finial: Christmas shop in Williamsburg, VA

Last week I talked about certain crafts/projects that my Mom made that had to come out in order for it to truly feel like Christmas. This mouse in the hammock is one of them. A little mouse in a hammock has been on our Christmas tree for as long as I can remember...years ago, Mom made each of us kids our own versions. So thankful to be able to carry this tradition forward! #NowitfeelslikeChristmas

Holiday Home Tour 2014-008

A few more silver and gold accents adorn our entryway table.

Holiday Home Tour 2014-009

Reindeer candelabra: Marshalls / Gold urchin: DIY / Brass candlesticks: Mom's basement

I carried the gold, silver and white theme into our family room as well. I finally found something to put under my cloche! And those Christmas pillows I made a few years back? I love that I can just slide them on, and they bring in a subtle coziness to the room!

Holiday Home Tour 2014-010
Holiday Home Tour 2014-011
Holiday Home Tour 2014-012

Over on the media hutch, our year-round decor got tucked way (really, they are all just sitting on a table out in the garage - groan!), and I brought in a few more white accessories and trees.

Holiday Home Tour 2014-013
Holiday Home Tour 2014-014
Holiday Home Tour 2014-015

White nutcracker: Lowes / Gold wing bowl: thrifted / Gold trees: Dollar Store / White wooden tree: Mom's basement / White & grey pillows: DIY 

Down on the ottoman, I swapped out a functional/usable tray for a display of glittery trees (my husband loves it when I do stuff like this ;). This view from the couch is one of my favorite displays this year! There is just something about clean silhouette-ed trees that just gets me!

Holiday Home Tour 2014-016
Holiday Home Tour 2014-017

Silver tray: HomeGoods / Glittery and tall white cones: DIY / Small striped cones: IKEA / Brass mirror: Target / Fur remnant: Mom's basement

Over in the dining room, I added just a few touches. I LOVED our nativity up on our butterfly cabinet last year so I was quick to repeat that again. The only difference is the actual nativity. We normally display our beloved Willow Tree nativity, but this year I could't wait to display the Lladro nativity I inherited from my Mom. This was the exact nativity that was on our mantel every year growing up. Mom always displayed it with such pride, and I always loved that the nativity characters were kids dressing the parts. It warms my heart to make this our family nativity now. The blue walls really call to mind that very first Silent Night!

Holiday Home Tour 2014-018
Holiday Home Tour 2014-019

Lladro nativity: inherited / Creche: Willow Tree / White tree candles: Pottery Barn / Silver obi: Japan

Lastly, I filled some class candle sticks with my remaining gold/white/silver balls and baubles as a center piece on the dining room table. It's just enough to tie this room and the family room/entryway together!

Holiday Home Tour 2014-020
Holiday Home Tour 2014-021

And that's it! There's nothing else to see - there's nothing in the bathroom or the office or our master. Our Christmas decor feels normal and manageable this year, and I'm proud of myself for finding a balance between too much and doing nothing at all! I have to say..I'm pretty smitten with the white/gold/silver combo!

What do you guys think? What's your approach when you just aren't feeling the holiday decor?

I've been cranking out gifts for all of Henry's little friends and teachers - I'm going to show you what I've been up to later this week! See you Wednesday!


P.S. If you left me questions recently (like on the ornament magnet post or about base housing in HI) and you didn't' hear back from me, it's because you're a no-reply-blogger commenter. Check back to your original comment - I answered you there ;)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Vintage Ornament Magnets (made from tile!)

Despite the busy-ness that occurs this time of year from shopping and parties and decorating, the holidays make me want to get crafty (I just don't usually have the time!) I'm not talking making-bows-and-home-made-gifts-kind-of-crafty...but the good ol' make-something-for-the-sake-of-making-something-crafty! I grew up in a household with homemade stockings and handmade ornaments fashioned out of everything and anything. Bright colors...sequin trims...felt in every color of the rainbow...salt many glitzy little notions that were crafted into fun little projects simply because my mom loved to do it. Nothing had a theme or a color palette, yet it never felt like Christmas until these items came out of their boxes. 

Since I chose to take a break from big holiday decorating this year, I suddenly found myself with the time and energy to put toward some good leisurely craft time. I didn't set out to make this project for a blog post...inspiration just struck, and I went with it! Love it when that happens!

Vintage Ornament Magnets-001

That inspiration struck in the strangest of places: the tile aisle! (Please tell me that's normal!) On a child-free morning last week, I was roaming the aisles at Lowes looking for this and that and came across these Moroccan tiles. I must have had Christmas on the brain, because I suddenly thought their shaped resembled those of vintage ornaments...and an idea was born!

Vintage Ornament Magnets-002

Even though I consider myself pretty creative, I don't really think of myself an artist, and I very rarely set off on a project without a plan. But this one was different. I had an idea, and instead of over-analyzing every color and pattern choice, I just went for it. I pulled out an array of oil-based paint pens, found some inspirational clipart images on Google/Etsy, turned on my recorded episodes of Sarah Sees Potential, and doodled my little heart out. The kiddo was in bed, the husband was taking an online exam, and I was in my own little crafting heaven!

Vintage Ornament Magnets-003
Vintage Ornament Magnets-004

If you don't consider yourself an artist either, don't fret! These really were as simple as coloring on tiles with oil-based paint pens, but here's a few tips I learned as I made 20 of them :)
  • Use inspirational images (just google vintage ornament clipart). I couldn't dream up 20 designs from my own brain, but I could copy and tweak designs in countless directions. I actually found myself running out of tiles for the designs I wanted to do!
  • Both brands of paint pens worked great - Sharpies & Craftsmart. Don't stress over the brand, just pick colors you love.
  • Layering colors on top of each other does NOT work so well (some layer better than others). It is better to color directly onto the tile, which means you have to frequently color around circles, stripes, etc to fill in blank space. 
  • With that said, these pens dry super fast, so you can alternate/layer colors relatively quickly. 
  • Zig-zags, stripes and dots are your best friends. Little tiny dots give almost every design a finished look!
  • These pens give great saturated color, one coat of each color is all you'll need!
  • Don't like how the design is turning out? I was able to use a very sturdy bristle brush and scrub off any designs I didn't like. It took some arm strength, so know this paint does not come off easily!
After an evening of coloring, I had 20 fun and funky ornament-inspired tiles ready to be made into magnets!

Vintage Ornament Magnets-005

The tiles themselves are pretty heavy, so my original plan of using strips of magnetic tape (from a roll) didn't work out (the magnets just slid down the refrigerator). I ended up super gluing some stronger magnets (from Lowes) onto the backs of each tile. No more sliding down the fridge, and I love the dimension they provide! By the way, I LOVE this Gorilla Glue Super Glue. It doesn't expand or bubble and holds almost everything perfectly in place! I've used it on a bunch of projects recently and it's my new go-to glue!

Vintage Ornament Magnets-006

Let the super glue dry and cure and then hang your magnets in any arrangement you desire!

Vintage Ornament Magnets-007
Vintage Ornament Magnets-008

I added a star and rectangle (hand-cut from glittered cardstock) to help the tile formation look like a tree, but I also love the ornaments "strung" across our refrigerator like garlands holding up our Christmas cards that are starting to roll in!

Vintage Ornament Magnets-009
Vintage Ornament Magnets-010

And here's a fun little dose of reality for you. Our kitchen is a cave and gets no natural light. Determined to get some decent pictures of this project, what's a girl to do? Well...they put refrigerators on wheels for a reason, right?!? :) After the photo shoot, I rolled it back, and my husband is none-the-wiser ;)

Vintage Ornament Magnets-011

I had the pens on hand, which are admittedly the most expensive part of this project (use coupons to buy your paint pens if you don't have any!), but otherwise, this project cost me about $12 (for the tile and magnets). These would also make a great project for school-age kids (who can be trusted with paint pens)...and great teacher/neighbor gifts!

These ornament magnets just make me smile. They are fun and whimsical and silly, but my son loves arranging and re-arranging them, and I loved my quiet night making them. Who knows - these silly tile ornaments just might become that thing that has to be pulled out every year for it to feel like Christmas! Time will tell on that one, I guess :)

Vintage Ornament Magnets-012

Have a great weekend friends! See you back here Monday!


This is not a sponsored post, but Gorilla Glue did provide me with a variety of products to try at my leisure. I've actually been using this super glue long before I was provided with any, so I am thrilled to add more of this fav to my stash! All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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