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A Monster of a First Birthday Party!

Yesterday was my son's monster-themed first birthday party! For this past 6 weeks, preparing for this party was an absolute labor of love, and I cherished every minute. I've had so much fun "pinning," brainstorming, crafting, sewing, glueing, and shopping for my first baby's first birthday, and everything came together just as I hoped it would.  It was an amazing day with lots of wonderful family, friends, food, and fun - I know Henry won't remember it...but I sure will!

As promised, today, I am just going to post lots and lots of pictures of the party. But over the next week, I am going to do a bunch of spotlight posts on the decor, the food, the favors, and the be sure to check back for all the how-to details!

Without further is...

Lots more photos after the jump!

 6 weeks ago, friends and family received this cute little monster in the mail, inviting them to the party!

A fun little poem with all the details was printed on the inside!

Walking up the sidewalk to the house, a polka dot pinwheel adorned with a number 1 greeted our guests!

Little monsters acted as the welcoming party right outside the front door!

Once inside, a whimsical display greeted our guests!
(These are some quick shots BEFORE the food was put out!)

Up close...ready for all the food...

Little monsters were poking out all over the place!

Whimsical flower arrangements...

...and brightly colored poofs brought everything to life!

Right before the guests arrived, we put out all the kid- and adult-friendly finger foods!

The biggest hit of the party was the "Make-a-Monster Cracker Sandwich Bar"!!!

Foods for the kids included pretzels, goldfish, and animal crackers in glass containers!

Another big hit were the fruit and veggies!

Star-shaped watermelon and pineapple!

Veggie cups!

Drinks were also decorated to coordinate with the party - lemonade, fruit punch, and water!

One of the most exciting parts of the party was giving out the gifts! 

Homemade fuzzy monsters!

The high chair was given the star treatment!

And sat at the head of our dining room table, which was decorated with a monster decal "table runner"!

In the center of the table, went the super fun (and tasty!) three-tiered monster cake!

With leftover cake batter (and monsters!), I was able to make some cupcakes for guests to bring home with them! 

We had lots of fun activities for adults and kids of all ages!  
Adults played the "How old is Henry" game - pictures were from 0 -11 months and guests had to put them in order!

Outdoor games included bubbles, a ring toss, and bean bag toss (ug - never got pics of those - shucks!)

For some of the older kids....we put out a bunch of candy and photos for inspiration, so they could make their very own Candy Monsters!

I made the birthday boy a monster onesie to wear on his big day!

And guests even brought gifts that went with the party theme!!! Look at this cute gift from Henry's aunt, uncle and cousins!

Wrapping paper even coordinated with the party theme!

And as cute as the wrapping was, Henry didn't waste anytime opening each one!

So many big-boy toys to play with!

Examining each one!

The afternoon ended with that cake! After singing, we gave Henry the cupcake on top...
He was tentative at first..

Got a little more into it...

And finally dove right in!

I think he liked it, don't you?

By the time we pulled him out, he had eaten every last crumb!

It really was a fun afternoon had by all. I was sad to see it come to an end after all the hard work I put into it, but we left some of the decor up to enjoy it for the week! I am excited to re-live it all here on the blog as I show you all my projects up close!


Wow. I really can't believe my baby is one year old. Sniff. 

A year ago today, we were here...

and look at us now!

In the past year, BOTH Henry and I have done...

a lot of growing,
a lot of crying,
a lot of loving, and 
a lot of learning...

But as I think about this past year, easily the most challenging year of my life, only one phrase comes to mind...

from the hit musical, Wiked...

"I have been changed for good!"


Hope you enjoyed all the pictures! I'll be back later this week with all the details on my monster party decor!!!  (Part I of my Spotlight on Decor is up now! You can read it here!)

Have a great week!


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  1. Megan, I'm so impressed! Genius theme. It's really just too cute for words. Glad to see you and Henry looking so well. I hope the move goes smoothly! -Mary B

  2. That is so cute. What a lucky kid.....I'd like to invite you to share this@CountryMommaCooks Link & Greet party and have a blessed weekend:)

  3. how adorable. love the guess how old he is game for adults, and the make your own monster with the candy/marshmallows. such fun!


  4. What an amazing first birthday party! You did a fabulous job on each and every element! I'm so impressed! Nice work!

  5. Those adoptable monsters are just too cute! Happy Birthday, Henry, and many many more!

  6. Your sweet party is being featured at CountryMommaCooks link and Greet party tonight...stop by and pick up a featured button:)

  7. Found you from iHeart Organizing. Loving this and your blog. I'm a new follower. :)

  8. Just found your blog and I LOVE it! Will be following along from now on :)

  9. Wow! What a great theme! I have been known to go all out on my kids birthdays too, sometimes it makes it so much fun! I have done less now that I have three, but I am getting ready to put together a party for my almost nine year old! So, I am looking for inspiration for food. I love the way you presented it here! I am a new follower.

  10. Just came across your blog!! I absolutely love everything!! My sons first birthday at the end of July will also be monsters!! If you have anything left over as far as decorations or anything for the party that you would like to sale please let me know!! :) I would be interested in it!! You can email me if you would like!

  11. Hello!! Your baby party was so fantastica. I'm from Brazil and your post inspired me to make the party 9 years of my boy on september!! Congratulations!! Forgive my bad english!!

  12. would you be able to share the monster tutorial and where the party goods came from? thank you so much.

  13. Also interested in the monster tablecloth. I have been working to pull together monster party for my soon to be 4yr old. He wants black. I managed to show him fun colors this would tie it all together

  14. Just came across your Blog , I LOOOVE IT!! The birthday party looks amazing!! I would loove to follow this for my son's birthday ! Did you create the monsters on your own or did you download a template? I am amazed at your craftiness! I will def be a new follower!!\

    1. I just saw the post on the monsters!! Thank you thanks you thanks you !! They look amazing and the template and how to was awesome!!!

    2. Where's the how to and template??

    3. Lisa, you can find the tutorial for the Monster Stuffies here: I don't provide a template as I used a pattern out of a book, but you can get all my resources and how-to there!

  15. Hi there! My son turned 1 in April too! We did Dr. Seuss' "Oh The Places You'll Go" as the theme, but for his second (yes, I'm already brainstorming!) I really want to do monsters!!! You did such a great job! Where did you find the tablecloth? Love it all!

  16. I love your monster party! I think I may have to steal some of your ideas for my little monster's first birthday! I've had a hard time finding the same monsters from his ties that I use every month but it looks like you mixed a little bit, so maybe I'll be able to find a way to make it work. :) Looks like it was a great party, can't wait to start getting mine together! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Thanks so much for posting this. I especially love your guess how old i am game. My little man turns one tomorrow and we're having a monster party too so i'm busy being inspired by your blog. Thanks again :)

  18. Amaziinng! In inspired to do the same for my sons first birthday did you make everything?

  19. Where did you purchase the monsters table cloth & decorations?

    1. I wrote 11 posts explaining all the various aspects of this party! You can find all the posts here:
      Specifically, I talk about the decor here:
      Good Luck!

  20. Hi i was wondering if you had posted anything about how you made that monster cake ?? if not would you be able to tell me what size pans you used ??

  21. Hello. I am also trying to do a monster birthday party for my 2 boys turning 3 and 1 and I was hoping you made a "how to" for the cute monsters you gave as a thank you gift. I just couldn't seem to find it while searching. I am having their birthday party March 22 so I really hope this gets to you soon. Thank you so very much. Your party is so adorable and I hope my boys party can be at least half as cute.

  22. Hello. First I just want to say that your party for your son is so cute. I am also doing a monster party for my boys turning 3 and 1. I was wondering if you happened to make a "how to" for those cute monster toys you made as a thank you or adopt a monster? I would love to try and make those for my boys as well. The party will be March 22nd so I am hoping this reaches you soon. Thank you so much and I hope that my boys party can be at least half as cute as the one you did for your son. :-)

    1. Hello - thank you so much for this nice comment! I am sorry you weren't able to easily find the Monster Stuffie tutorial - you can find the directions on how i made them here:

      Hope that helps! Have fun - the Monster theme is such fun to pull together!

  23. Hi Megan-
    I loved the cloth you used on the table. I found through your blog where you got it from. Do you remember how many yards you needed? Thanks! Kendra

    1. I only bought a yard because it was pretty pricey! It was just the right amount to use it as an accent in the center of the table!

  24. Hi. Adorable party! Can you tell me where you got the orange polka dot plates and the giant pinwheel? Thanks!


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