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Hello, I'm Megan!

I am a proud military wife to my Marine husband Greg, and new Mama to a smiley and active baby, Henry (born April 2011).  After reading food/health/fitness blogs for years, I discovered the home dec/DIY blogs more recently.  Always toying with the idea of blogging, I made the leap to start a blog in September 2011.   I started this online picture journal to keep track of all homes we live in throughout the course of our military career, as well as all the projects I make along the way!  Maybe I'll inspire a few people along the way!

I come from a family of brilliantly talented and creative sewers and crafters, and I'd like to think I can hold my own among them!  I learned to sew in high school home-ec, but quickly forgot everything as I pranced my way off to college (literally...I went to a Performing Arts Conservatory to major in Dance! I ended up with a degree in English...long story for another day!).  

When I married my husband in 2005, we moved overseas to Okinawa, Japan.  In the beginning, I found myself alone in a foreign country with no friends and nothing to do.  My mother offered to buy me a sewing machine and I eagerly accepted.  When it arrived, I sat for hours at my dining room table, re-teaching myself to sew with the helps of magazines and books. I started with napkins and pillows...and then slipcovered my couch (the logical next step!)  From that moment on, I have kept myself busy with new projects, new ideas, new homes to decorate, and a new baby to sew for!

I am currently a stay-at-home Mom, but my niche in the "real world" is as a health/exercise/nutrition professional.  I have an BA in English from George Mason University (Fairfax, VA) and worked for a while as an editor.  While living overseas, I discovered a new passion (in addition to crafting) in fitness, and worked tirelessly as an aerobics instructor, personal trainer, and wellness coach. While living in San Diego, I pursued this passion further and completed two MS degrees, one in Exercise Physiology and one in Nutrition (San Diego State University, San Diego, CA).  Once I am past my baby-making/raising years, I plan to return to the health field to combat obesity and the encompassing health crisis our nation is facing.

That's me in a very small nutshell!  Feel free to drop a line and introduce yourself - I'd love to know who is "out there" following along in my crafting journey!

Thanks for stopping by!     

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