Our Home(s)

Welcome to NC - An Empty House

Stripes, Ceilings, and Chair Rails, Oh My!

Our Family Command Center

Preppy Laundry Room

Owl-Themed Baby Room

One Year In - Progress Report

The Linen Closet

Guest Bathroom

2 Years In - Hits & Misses

Funky & Modern Big Boy Room Reveal

Office and Craft Room

Living Room

Dining Room

Master Bedroom - Before

Master Bedroom - After

Craft & Laundry Room

Owl-Themed Nursery

Kitchen, Bath & Closets

Patio, Porch & Garage

Home Office

Moving Day

Living Room & Kitchen

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Guest Room & Bath


Living Room

Dining Room

Master Bedroom

Craft Room

Greg's Lounge

Master Bathroom



  1. Do you ever reuse anything from move to move? Haha, I have a little boy too and do not have too much time to explore your photo's and blog!!

  2. Yeah for another military spouse blogger! I love how you have done this for each of your houses! This is a great idea. We are still at our first assignment but will be moving soon... to who knows where! Thanks for the inspiration!

    -Emily @ House and Hone

  3. I love your blog and how you incorporate color in home. Just beautiful.

  4. i love the colors combinations all over the houses..


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