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A Little Sparkle in the Bedroom

Gosh, it feels like ages since I posted about anything in the Master Bedroom. I was this close to having the room done, and then I got totally distracted with Halloween and the Office that those few finishing projects got put on the back burners. In my recent creative flurry of productivity, I knocked out two projects that have been on my list for a while…two simple things to bring a little more sparkle to our bedroom!

Bedroom Sparkle-001

Here’s the last you saw of this wall in the Master Bedroom. I already showed you how I made the headboard and the shams; I gave you all the details on our French Provincial “side table”; and then talked about how that little dresser caused more side table issues than it solved. Then I moved on to the Big Grey Dresser…and then I got distracted with lots of other things.

Bedroom Sparkle-007

But two pretty simple projects later, this side of the room now feels complete…and a heck of a lot more glamorous!

Bedroom Sparkle-002

The first big addition was this new mirror over our bed. I scored it for about $30 from Kirklands (I got it so cheap because I had a coupon, it was on sale, and I got extra off because it has a teeny-tiny scratch!) I really hemmed and hawed about putting it over the bed because we already have a big glitzy mirror in this space. Also, the mirror had a bronze finish to it which completed with all the other silver accents in the room. After months of trying to find a different home for the mirror, I decided this was the spot. Some spray paint fixed my bronze dilemma – I’ll have the full tutorial how I transformed this mirror for you on Friday!

Bedroom Sparkle-003

The other addition was a simple sequin pillow!

Bedroom Sparkle-004

I wanted a sequin pillow here long before I started seeing them pop up in all the stores for the holidays. Instead of buying a whole new pillow, I bought some sequin fabric and covered a pillow I had stuffed in the closet. In the end, it was less money out of my pocket and something else out of storage! This little guy took me about $6 and 30 minutes. Friends, if you don’t know how to make pillows…learn now – it’s the quickest and easiest thing you can do for your home!

Bedroom Sparkle-005

This room is a dark little cave with little-to-no natural light (and it doesn’t help that we painted it dark grey). But by adding a ton of reflective surfaces with an extra mirror and a sequin pillow, this room feels lighter and brighter…EXACTLY what this room needed!

Bedroom Sparkle-006

I am about THIS close to calling this room done. One more little nook to pretty up for the camera and its ready for it’s full reveal! As I mentioned, I am going to show you how I transformed that mirror to perfectly suit our home on Friday, so be sure to come back and see me then!


A Modern French Provincial!

Okay, you guys! I am SO SO SO excited to finally be sharing this furniture makeover with you! It’s really embarrassing to admit, but I finished the beauty back in February – I did her side by side with her Little Sister, (I showed you that makeover back in June.) So why the delay in getting this companion piece up here on the blog? Well, first I couldn’t find a mirror I loved and then I got distracted working on the office and the playroom/living room makeovers that I just kept putting styling and photographing this beauty on the back burners. Well…delay no longer, it’s time for her big debut…

Big Grey Dresser-014

We found this dresser in a local up-scale consignment shop (same store we scored this great deal!). We paid $300 for her, but she was pristine. She’s solid pecan wood, with not a dent or scratch. Her drawers all had dove-tail construction and glided in and out perfectly. Sure $300 doesn’t quite qualify as the thrifting bargain of the century. But I had a vision (more on that later this week) and we desperately needed additional storage in our bedroom, so she came home with us.

Big Grey Dresser-002

Like her Little Sister, she in no way matched our style or the decor scheme we have working throughout our house. We are all about clean lines and modern finishes. Curved mirror and scrolly hardware? Not so much! After letting her sit in our master and collect dust and junk for a good few months (yikes – these before pics are mortifying!), we dragged her out to the garage for a big ol’ makeover.

Big Grey Dresser-003

I’ll share more about how we pulled off this makeover in another post (coming soon), but today, I just wanted to show you her all prettied up for her photo shoot!

Big Grey Dresser-004

She’s been sitting in our room for quite some time now so I’ve gotten used to her new look; but boy oh boy, do these pictures remind me of the awesome power of paint and new hardware. I feel like we took 20 pounds off of her, and wow is she just so glamorous! Now that’s a good makeover!

Big Grey Dresser-005

The paint is a custom mix of some paints I had on hand. It’s the same I used on the Little Sister: Sherwin Williams Albacore White (from this project) and some Martha Stewart’s Driftwood Grey (the darker of our two stripes in the living room). For a complete experiment, the color is truly stunning in person.

Big Grey Dresser-006

The other big delay in getting these photos up was trying to find just the right accessories for the top. Contrary to what the “before” pictures suggest, I try very, very  hard to keep this surface free of junk. I like my surfaces simple but chic. Over the past few weeks, I finally found some hammered vases at Marshalls and knew they were just right for this spot. The lamp is from HomeGoods – found it on clearance about a year ago.

Big Grey Dresser-007

The gorgeous hammered mirror is from HomeGoods – I passed it up the first time I saw it. After thinking about it for 2 weeks, I prayed it would still be there when I went back, and it was! It’s the perfect look for above the dresser – all the reflective surfaces both on the mirror and the frame really add some light and sparkle to this dark room! The candlesticks are also from Marshalls – all three came in at $23!

Big Grey Dresser-008

I am so very proud of this furniture transformation. The final result is even more stunning than I had hoped for, and it really brings a hotel suite glam to our Master Bedroom.

Big Grey Dresser-009

Big Grey Dresser-010

The outside isn’t the only thing that’s pretty. While I didn’t paint the insides of the dresser or the drawers, some modern chevron contact paper really helped make the insides feel as special as the outside!

Big Grey Dresser-015

Here’s one more peak at the before and after…

Big Grey Dresser-011

Big Grey Dresser-012

Coming up soon, I’ll show you exactly what I did to give this dresser (and her Little Sister) a modern makeover! (Updated: Get the full tutorial for this dresser makeover HERE!)

Big Grey Dresser-013


 P.S. You can now see the FULL room reveal HERE!!!

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-022

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