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Projects Collage – 2011

I was busy this year!!!

I was going to do a “Top 11 Projects of 2011” post (like the rest of the blog world), but even though I am new to this whole blog thing, I had too many projects I loved to choose just 11.  So instead, I compiled everything I created this year into one big ol’ collage! What a year!

What all did I do this year?

Some of these projects you’ve seen, but there are others I actually haven’t had a chance to post yet (gasp!). Don’t worry, everything will make its way up – eventually!

So what all do I have in store for 2012?  Well…I actually have the rest of my Quantico house to post (I got a little too “in” to holiday crafts and forgot about the premise of my blog – ooops!). I have my baby’s owl-themed nursery, my craft room, our master bedroom, kitchen, patio, garage, and office still to post!

AND…believe it or not, we have another move to make this year…which means a whole new house to decorate and more projects to share!

I have no idea where this blog is going, but I am enjoying posting pictures of my creations to share with friends, family, and strangers alike!    Thanks for stopping by…I hope you come back many more times in 2012!

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